Save up to 15% by paying annually


per month


per year
Save $63

base *up to $5000 in Sales        
Custom Domain
 x x    
SSL Security - optional
 *$50 per year *$50 per year     
Unlimited Bandwidth and 1 gig Storage
 x x    
SEO Features 
x x    
Professional Email - 20 boxes
$5 per month  $5 per month      
Mobile-Responsive Websites x x
Big Commerce API Connection
x  x    
Complete Customization with CSS and JavaScript
x  x    
Advanced Website Analytics
 x x    
Subscription Options 
x x    
Transaction Fees
Integrated E-Commerce
  x   x    
Customer Accounts
  x   x    
Checkout on Your Domain
Advanced Shipping
 x x     
Advanced Discounts
 x x    
 Sliding Scale Fees
 uP TO $10,000 IN SALES
$50 per month       
 UP TO $25,000 IN SALES
$75 per month       
 UP TO $75,000 IN SALES
$150 per month       
Fees are based on the total sales in orders per month. 
Design Overlay: Starting at $250

Need help moving your existing website design into Summa Box. We can help. Whether Summa Box is the entire website or an addition to an existing website, we can help ensure your Summa Box site looks the same. Pricing depends on the complexity of the existing design.

 Custom Design: Starting at $2500
Summa Box has an Art department where our professional website designers can create an entirely unique website design for your business. Summa Box does not use "templates" when creating new website designs. Get a custom quote.