Summa Box Company

Summa (Early 18th century: from Latin, literally ‘sum total’) Box development team was founded in 1995. With decades of experience and ongoing growth and experience with upcoming technologies Summa Box was looking for a solution that would provide Online Merchants with a better solution for selling. 

After receiving so many contacts from merchants that sign up for the major eCommerce store sites and then find out that what they really needed simply wasn't an option. Summa Box decided to make an Online Store option for Merchants that not only had all the basic found in the major store sites but to offer customization on a one on one basis. The result was Summa Box.

Summa Box provides online merchants with a unique experience that doesn't leave business owners scrambling to find a work around or search for off-brand 3rd Party Plugins. Worse yet change the business structure or fulfillment procedures to accommodate a website software package.

Signing up for and setting up an online store for regular products, services and even subscriptions is extremely easy. Using the Signup Wizard or manual configuration. Summa Box pricing is very competitive because additional profits are made from any customization work. The low cost one time fees outweigh the high ongoing prices of our competitors.

Have peace of mind working with Summa Box company, our experience and staff time expands over decades. Hosting is provided with each Summa Box store with Summa Box's in-house, PCI secure and reliable servers. Summa Box is a full service company that can provide merchants with all aspects for online stores.