Manage Summa Box Sites

Summa Box was designed with the help of real Subscription and Online Retailers. Summa Box comes with all the necessary tools and features for creating and maintaining a Subscription and Online Store business at prices that ensure profitability by keeping the monthly fees low. 

Control over Subscription Schedules and Billing

Summa Box has advanced scheduling and billing options. True monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual renewal options that let you set the Start Date, Start Month, and Cut Off dates. Setup a Quarterly box in June with a start date of August, a renewal date of the 1st with a cut-off date of the 10th. All orders taken between June and August 10th will be billed on the 1st of August through the 10th of August. The next Box will go out on December 10th. An Annual Box will be paid for a year in advanced with bill/ship date options of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. Multiple subscription options gives your customers more choices, setup two subscription options for the same Box.Subscription Configuration

Own your Customers.

Every Summa Box Merchant owns and controls their own customers. Customers are not shared between merchants. Summa Box will not contact our merchant customers without permission. Summa Box provides export options of all data including customers, orders, and transactions. Export features allow the use of data in other software or sites for marketing or customer service tools.

Extensive Export Data Tools.

An all inclusive export tools allows for the selection of and exporting of all data from your Summa Box store. Select from all fields and date ranges. This power tool will query and show data results on screen and available for printing and exporting.

Design Templates - Mobile Device

All Summa Box templates are Responsive Mobile friendly, meaning your site will look and function correctly in various devices, tablets, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers. Summa Box has a wide variety of templates to choose from and each template can be further customized to fit your tastes. Import Fonts, upload your own photos and graphics into your own media library and adjust site wide design changes through CSS Styling. Summa Box can create a unique professional design for your store through our web artists. Inquiry for a special quote.

Advanced Shipping

Shipping is a big part of any Subscription or Online Store. Summa Box is configured for many different shipping methods. Calculate actual shipping costs through major carriers, UPS, USPS and FedEx. Defaults to retail shipping rates and allows for negotiated rates, simply plug in your account credentials. Shipping options include adjustable settings for handling or configure to use a drop shipper. Connects to UPS Worldship, PirateShip, ShipStation, Stamps.com and Endicia. Email notifications with tracking numbers are automated with each carrier.

Branded Site and Checkout

Every Summa Box site is designed to be branded for the merchant. Unique designs, favicons, SSL Certificates, domain names and emails will all reflect the merchant identity. 


Summa Box is very unique, offering customization options that are unmatched by our competitors. Each Summa Box can be completely customized in design, tools and features. No need for 3rd party plugins, additional vendors and fees. Contact Summa Box to discuss your needs with our development team.